Welcome - Course Overview


Del Norte Seminars offers weekend intensive CEU courses in SPANISH FOR PHYSICAL AND OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS and SPANISH FOR PEDIATRIC REHABILITATION PROFESSIONALS. Participants in these seminars will learn the clinically-relevant vocabulary needed to effectively communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients. Specifically, upon completion of this course, every attendee should be able to do the following in Spanish:

Teach exercise and/or ADL programs including instruction in a home program.
Perform a full ADL assessment.
Gait train Spanish-speaking patients, explaining weight bearing status and THR precautions.
Inquire regarding changes in function and pain level.
Ask appropriate subjective questions and perform objective tests on a patient including MMT, ROM, functional and sensory testing.
Explain the purpose of using modalities, hands-on treatments, and specific exercises.
Inquire above behavioral issues, developmental milestones, and sensory integration factors.
Inquire about past medical history.

Additionally, participants in the Pediatric course will learn how to inquire about such topics as perinatal issues, the family situation, feeding, school programs and communication.

The seminars are designed to benefit all clinicians wishing to improve their Spanish skills, from beginners to those with an intermediate familiarity with the language.

While there are other courses in Spanish for Health Care Professionals, the majority of these are geared toward general nursing terminology. Our seminars are 100% devoted to the clinically-relevant vocabulary that you will need in your practice. Hints are given along the way in easy methods to remember key phrases, and our instructors are known for making the course fun and dynamic. There are plenty of opportunities for practice through small group dialogues, role-playing and paired conversations. Each participant will receive a comprehensive course manual and there is ample time to ask questions specific to your practice, and to work with the instructor one-on-one.

PTAs, COTAs, ATCs, SLPs, Special Education Teachers, and Physiatrists are also welcome to enroll in the courses.