Spanish Seminar Faculty


Monika Mann, PT

Monika Mann

Monika Mann is the owner of del Norte Seminars. She graduated magna cum laude from the physical therapy program at California State University, Northridge in 1981. She has taught many classes in her career, and began developing and teaching Spanish for Health Care Professionals in 1992 after volunteering as a physical therapist in Central America for 3 years.


Jessica Berman, MA

Jessica Berman

Jessica Berman holds a Master’s Degree from Stanford University in Spanish. She has taught Spanish to adults and teenagers in various settings throughout her career. She also works as a medical interpreter specializing in rehabilitation and pediatrics. Jessica is known for her high-energy, enthusiastic teaching style.


Perla Saitz, BS

Perla Saitz is bilingual in Spanish and English with Spanish being her native language. She has taught English since 1992 to business and medical professionals. Along with working for del Norte Seminars, Perla is the Head Teacher and Curriculum Designer at a Language Institute in North Carolina.