How to Host a Spanish Seminar


We offer both in-house courses and courses which are open to the general rehab. community.


If you would like to host a seminar which is open to the general public, we offer two free spaces in the course for your employees in exchange for hosting. If more than two employees from your facility would like to attend the seminar, the discount can be split between them. (ex. four employees could attend for half-price.) The main responsibilities of the host facility are to provide an adequate room that can hold up to 33 people and to offer light snacks for the course. Participants are responsible for their own meals. Del Norte Seminars takes care of all of the marketing and registrations.


We are able to offer in-house courses at a substantially discounted rate as we do not need to cover advertising and registration expenses. With the in-house rates it is imperative that only employees of your facility or health care system attend the seminar. The class is limited to 33 participants.

If you opt for the in-house option, we can adjust course hours to meet your facility’s needs. For instance, some facilities have had us run a longer class on Friday, and others have had us start a little later on Sunday. If your facility is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is also the option of offering the seminar one night a week for 4 - 5 weeks.

Please contact us about the exact fee schedule for hosting an in-house seminar at your facility. The costs are dependent upon your location and number of people attending.

Along with the financial and scheduling advantages of hosting an in-house course, employees benefit by learning and practicing the same material together.


If you are interested in either of these options, please feel free to contact us at 510.898.1778 or